I was recommended this by a friend of the author, but I soon forgot about that. It’s pleasantly escapist but also weirdly convincing high-quality “chick lit” which is by turns evocative, moving and funny. The characters are nuanced and believable and I found myself caring about them very quickly. I’m now about to start the sequel!

Sweet but not fluffy

I loved this book, it plays upon that fantasy we all had as a teenager dreaming of marrying the pop star of your dreams, and in this book, that becomes a reality. Cass meets Jesse, years later after the teenage crush, via Facebook and you as a reader are taken on a fabulous journey through their romance, although it obviously doesn’t all go according to plan. It’s funny, it’s romantic, it’s also a little bit hot in places. I felt so crestfallen at some of Cass’ decisions and really felt myself getting caught up in the story. I couldn’t put this down. A fabulous holiday read which makes you feel all warm and happy inside. I loved all the musical references, and could relate to that feeling of associating music with specific events and feelings. Highly recommended.

Fabulous escapism at its best