An Announcement

So here’s a fun thing that happened…

Screenshot 2019-07-09 at 21.55.13.png

Erm… BUZZING MUCH?! Actually, I’ve been wanting to yell it from the rooftops for weeks. I got so excited I went out and bought a new bass. It’s pink! Plays like a god damn dream, too. She’s called Pixie.

So, I have a book deal, and ergo a book that I’ve written is being published in the Autumn. The book is a massive rejig of the book I threw up on Amazon back in 2015; Getting Over Jesse Franklin. New title, bigger story, same nostalgia, same gorgeous love. Still London, still LA, and a hell of a lot more Jesse.

I’m hugely excited. Thank you to everyone who commented and shared and retweeted my announcement. What a ride it’s been so far.

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