My Books

Getting Over Jesse Franklin (2015)

What happens when you find your 90’s boyband crush on Facebook, and then add him as a friend?

Back in the nineties Cassie loved Jesse. But he was the bass player in her favourite band and didn’t even know she existed. Fourteen years on, the band has broken up and she’s found him on Facebook, and it turns out that after finally meeting in London, he quite likes her, too. Things between them quickly intensify and Cassie and Jesse soon find themselves in a long distance relationship spanning five thousand miles.

Just as Cassie is beginning to think all her dreams have come true, she’s reminded that when something seems too good to be true, it usually is. But whilst she tries to piece her life back together in London, over in LA, Jesse is planning a way to win her back.


Jetplanes to Jupiter (2016)

Two years ago Cassie Banks lived in West London, had a thriving career, and her lifelong best friend living just the other side of town. Then she met Jesse Franklin, the bass player from her favourite band, and her life turned upside down. She gave it all up in a heartbeat to be with him, moved to America and now they’re hitched. But things aren’t quite as she expected them to be, and she quickly learns that life can get pretty lonely when you’re thousands of miles away from your friends and you’re waiting for your green card.

When Franko broke up in nineteen ninety-nine, Jesse swore he’d never play in a band again, and has worked as a freelance session musician ever since. But now, Travis, his brother and former band mate, has asked him to start something new, and there’s something about it that just works.

Just as the band begins to take off, things take an unexpected turn. How will Jesse juggle life at home with an upcoming US tour? How will Cassie settle into life as an expat in California? And just who is Edit Ellström, and what does she want?