Tomorrow Getting Over Jesse Franklin is THREE! My first baby, the story ignited by my love of 90’s boybands, hot bass players and seaside towns in Orange County was published three years ago.


On that day, I watched my sales stats like a hawk (obvs). I paced. I went and got a tattoo (yep), and then I picked up the kids from school. Later in the evening, I drank prosecco, sat on the sofa and did a Twitter Q&A. We may have got a curry. I can’t remember now.

It was so exciting, publishing that book. Nerve wracking, too. What if no one else liked it? What if I’d written a pile of crap? What if Cassie was a bit of a basic bitch? What if Jesse was smarmy and gross, and not at all the amazing, slightly troubled, sexy AF book boyfriend I’d been aiming for? What if the humour fell flat, or the dialogue wasn’t snappy? What if the sex was just cringe?

(Don’t tell me if it is, yeah? It’s terrifying enough writing those scenes. Alcohol is involved every single time.)

After that it was back to it. I’d already started on Jetplanes to Jupiter. Part two. The story carried on because I kinda sorta definitely fell completely in love with this world I’d created, that I’m still creating, that you’ll see a different side to in The Songs We Listened To.

Anyway, it’s a birthday, and birthdays require cake and a celebration, and so, from today until Sunday Kindle readers can download Getting Over Jesse Franklin for the price of free! And if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read it for free any time you like (and that way I still get paid, so you know, everyone’s a winner!)

And if you have read it, and enjoyed it, I’d appreciate a review. Think of it as a book birthday present!